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We are pleased to be the Irish distributors for the Activator Poles designed by Urban Poling, Canada.

Buying Poles

[PLEASE NOTE: We can only

supply poles to Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.]


Activator Poles   

Recommended Retail Price is €86 pair


 Our Price is €80 pair

(including €9 P&P)

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  Bell Tips


 Recommended Retail Price  €20

   Our Price is €18 pair

(including €4.80 P&P)

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If you'd prefer not to use the PayPal facility please feel free to contact us by email by clicking HERE.

about the poles

ACTIVATOR™ Poles were designed by therapists and are particularly suitable for people with balance concerns or mobility issues. The unique features of these poles include 

- bell-shaped tips

- ergonomic strapless handles

- anti-vibration features; and

- secure button locking system.

Walking with ACTIVATOR™ Poles

- improves stability

- reduces impact on hips/knees

- develop core strength

- improve posture; 

- promotes better gait pattern.

The poles may be suitable for

- post/hip knee surgery

- Multiple Sclerosis

- Parkinson’s Disease

- Osteoarthritis

- Fall Prevention.

If you have a chronic condition or injury,

ask your physician, therapist or treating 

rehab specialist if the ACTIVATOR™ Poles are right for you. 

Which Poles?

Not sure which poles (Nordic or Activator) are best for you?

This short video might help. 

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