fitwalk trainers

FitWALK Trainers are professionals qualified in Exercise and Fitness (or similar) who we train to deliver our energetic fitness walking

workshops and/or programmes (seeWorkshops/Programmes). They find work in communities, clubs, schools and workplaces.

In many instances the FitWALK Trainer works with special populations such as older people, young mothers, middle-aged men, etc.

FitWALK Training Courses 2021

During 2021 we will run a series of Training Courses for FitWALK Trainers - typical duration of 1 day.

The FitWALK Training Course

This 1-day Training Course enables the participant to deliver once-off 2hr FitWALK Workshops

and/or 4-week FitWALK Programmes.

Topics covered include posture, arm action,

footwork, and the techniques of

PowerWalking and StrideWalking, 


The FitSTICKS Training Course

This 1-day course focuses on the promotion of Nordic Walking and enables the participant to deliver once-off2hr FitSTICKS Workshops and our special 4-week FitSTICKS Programmes. In addition to learning the technique of Nordic Walking participants will explore how to use the poles to promote mobility, strength, balance and flexibility, 

See details of the next FitSTICKS Course below. 

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The ACTIVATOR Training Course

This 1-day Training Course focuses on the promotion of the ACTIVATOR Poles for people with balance concerns or mobility issues. The course enables the participant to deliver a 2hr ACTIVATOR Workshops and our

4-week ACTIVATOR Programmes. 

In addition to learning the special ACTIVATOR technique participants will explore how to use poles to \

  promote mobility, strength, balance and flexibility.

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