activator training

Our ACTIVATOR Workshop is 

geared at  professionals working in 

health-promoting physical activity 

(e.g. Exercise & Fitness, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy).

Participants attending the workshop learn

(a) how to effectively use ACTIVATOR poles to improve functional fitness; and

(b) how to deliver our new ACTIVATOR Programme (see below).


Participants should hold a qualification in exercise and fitness (or equivalent), and have previous experience in leading activity sessions or programmes with older people and/or people with balance concerns or mobility issues.

ACTIVATOR Training Workshops are being held countrywide during 2020. 

Places are strictly limited

- if interested please CLICK HERE


The New ACTIVATOR Programme

We have just developed an ACTIVATOR Programme for people with balance concerns and/or mobility issues. 

The ALL INDOOR programme (1 session per week) is designed to be rolled out in a community-based indoor setting and incorporates activities to promote joint mobility, balance, strength and aerobic fitness.

Each session combines a seated section, a social section, a shuffle section, and a stepabout section!