activator training

We are pleased to hold the licence from Urban Poling Canada to deliver ACTIVATOR Training in Ireland.


Our ACTIVATOR Training Programmes are geared at professionals working in 

health-promoting physical activity 

(e.g. Exercise & Fitness, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy).

Participants learn

(a) how to teach the

special Activator technique

(b) how to use the poles

to improve key components

of functional fitness

(particularly joint mobility, balance,

strength and aerobic fitness;

(b) how to deliver our community ACTIVATOR Programmes (see below).


Participants should hold a qualification in exercise and fitness (or equivalent),

and have previous experience in leading activity sessions or programmes with

older people and/or people with

balance concerns or mobility issues.


ACTIVATOR Training Programmes are being held countrywide during 2021. 

- if interested please message us by CLICKING HERE



The Activator Community OUTDOORS Programme

Activator OUTDOORS programme are typically rolled out in community-based outdoor venues (car parks, pitches, etc) over a 4-6week period. 


The Activator Community INDOORS Programme

The Activator INDOORS programme is designed to be rolled out in a community-based indoor setting and incorporates a fun mix of both seated and stepabout activities to music!