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nordic walking and poles


about Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is the latest innovation in fitness walking and in Ireland there is growing interest in 'using the sticks for a fitness fix'! It can be done on virtually any outdoor terrain including tarred roads, concrete paths, forestry trails, sandy beaches, and grassy parks.


Nordic Walking transforms 'normal' walking (where most of the work is done by the legs) into a complete body workout! Studies have found that the correct use of poles can involve up to 80% of the body's muscles and burn as much as 40% more calories than 'normal' walking.

The use of the poles brings other improvements with less speed including;

- improving posture 

- strengthening core muscles 

- reducing impact of landing

- enhancing mobility of neck and shoulders

tips for buying Nordic poles

1. buy Nordic poles!

Ensure the poles you buy are Nordic Poles which are specifically designed for the technique involved. Using trekking/hiking poles can cause injury to wrists and elbows.

2. keep them lightweight!

Best poles are made of lightweight aluminum and/or carbon fibre - and should be flexible.

Be careful of poles that are too heavy or stiff.

3. check the straps

Good Nordic poles will have a special strapping mechanism that allows you to walk without gripping and enables you easily open and close your hands. They should also be detachable.


4. get instruction

While the Nordic walking technique is not difficult it is different from the normal use of poles in trekking and climbing. Many people use their poles in a manner that gives them little benefit. See our Workshops and Programmes.

buying our poles?

We only stock and sell Leki SPIN poles - which we think are the best choice for the beginner and improver. Leki poles are highly engineered, lightweight, and their strap/grip system makes handling safe and comfortable.


We can only supply poles to Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.]

the Leki SPIN

The SPIN is Leki's entry level adjustable pole made of lightweight, high-strength aluminum. Equipped with PowerGrip rubber paws, removable Trigger-release straps, and non-slip CorTec grips. Adjustable from 100-130cm, the adjustment withstands 140kg of pressure. 


Recommended Retail price is €75 pair


Our Price €70 pair  (including €9 P&P)

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the Leki SPIN Shark SL

The SPIN Shark SL is made from annealed HTS 5.5 aluminium, and features two-piece cork grip, and PowerGrip rubber paws. The special additional feature include

- Speed Lock+ Adjustment System which allows for quicker and easier length adjustment.

Trigger Shark System for quick removal of strap.

Recommended Retail Price is €85 pair


Our Price €76 pair  (including €9 P&P)

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Leki SPIN Shark SL

Which Poles?

Not sure which poles (Nordic or Activator) are best for you?

This short video might help. 

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